I am no writer. In fact it's been years since I've written anything other than a birthday card. Yet as I put together this gallery, a story was found in the images and a poem was inspired...

The Magic is in the awakening--
The attempted rebirth.

Loss, fear and insecurities envelop 
entangle like the black coral forrest.
In earthing the ability 

To breathe 
To connect
To dream

Yet all of nature nods it's head 
To the Light.
Here it finds what it needs 
to grow and flourish and thrive. 
A lightness of being.

Thus, Today, tomorrow and to tomorrow's tomorrow
I will emulate the columbine
And nod my head to the Light.

Freedom is in the Awakening--
The chosen daily rebirth.

Photos by Meghan K. Sadler // Gowns by Emily Riggs // Floral Design by SELVA // Model Skye // Hair by Ambrosia Carey // Make-up by Sokhaluv Makeup // Featured on Once Wed